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Depending on the personal chart in the moment of birth, their family story will be supportive or in collision with their inner needs, but in either case, it will define their entire life path. The story of ego and their true personality is the next step on their way to evolve. It is imperative that they change, accept and embrace all parts of their personality that are dark, angry or faulty, in order to find true inner strength to build the confidence that there is nothing they cannot achieve in this lifetime.

Self-expression and status stand as pillars for a person born on June 22nd, guiding them in the direction they must take to shine as their true self. They are to change, adapt, and show themselves in one light only to make a turn and suddenly start shining as something completely different. Their typical life path develops in one way only to turn towards something new and it comes naturally for them to change their profession, their partner, or anything that serves to define their personality, only to move on changed, reshaped, and ready to breathe in.

The purpose in lives of those born on the 22nd of June is to discover who they really are and what they want out of life.

The Libra-Scorpio Cusp in Astrology

Currents caught on by their family circumstances will guide them until the right time comes to grow up and set free. Mission they embark on is a mission of Self, of respect and boundaries that one must have to conserve the energy instead of giving it away to other people. When they find their core, they can finally feel powerful and centered instead of being guided by outer influences they are sensitive for.

With so many emotional entities in their planetary row, common sense seems to be missing in lives of individuals born on June 22nd.

March 20 Zodiac Sign: Birthday Horoscope, Personality, Compatibility

It will take time for them to discover that their routine may change to suit their true inner needs, instead of following habits they learned to live by in their primal home. Caring, devoted, and filled with love, a person born on this date is committed to making others happy and settled. A person born on the 22nd of June excels in working with people, relating, feeling, and nurturing.

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When under stress, they become excellent cooks and home decorators. They often choose to turn to care for the elderly, for those in need, or use their compassion to help children without a home and those who lost their parents or loved ones. Their wondering mind may also be responsible for the many changes of direction in their lives, especially in their twenties.

After the age of twenty-nine, however, there may be less emphasis on change and new ventures and more on stability and security, and this is when they really come into their own. These people can get carried away by heroic images of themselves and by their enthusiasm for their current project or ideal; but generally, when they find a goal that is worthy of them, their refusal to be diverted from their chosen course of action gives them enormous potential for success.

Born on March 22 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

And when that success is achieved—which it inevitably is—there will be few who begrudge them it or feel that these honest, reliable and honorable individuals do not deserve every second of it. Surprisingly, despite being extremely reliable in their professional and social lives, when it comes to close personal relationships they may be more unpredictable, blowing hot one minute and cold the next. It is important for them to get in touch with their feelings and be as honest in love as they are in life.

When it comes to diet and exercise, people born on this day can go in two directions. They are either people who like to eat what they want, especially sugary, fatty foods and generally take their health and their weight for granted; or they are people who become obsessive about their diet, exercise routine and weight. It is important for them to find some kind of middle ground regarding health and appearance, and this means eating a healthy, balanced diet, taking regular exercise for thirty or so minutes a day and not letting the scales rule their life.

Personality Traits

Researchers have concluded that children born under Taurus are least likely to gain fame in early life. That fits. If you know you've got stamina and staying power, why would you swap a lifetime of stable success for a temporary triumph? Taureans want results not responses and they're willing to work long, hard, unsung hours to get these. Nor can they see the point in doing anything without a practical purpose. That's why they make good cooks, craftspeople, bakers, business-folk and bankers.

Well, when I say bankers, I mean the kind we used to have. A bonus, to a Taurean, is a reward that must be reinvested. If you're a Taurean, you'll love art, sculpture, gardening and anything you can help to shape with the sheer force of your patient determination. Even if you set off early in life for success, you're far more likely, like Jessica Watson, to sail single-handed round the world at just 16 than seek the stormy sea of celebrity. That gives you a natural edge in research, commerce and communication.

In the unlikely event that you ever run out of people to debate things with, you can play the game of 'devil's advocate' all by yourself. You can argue any case from any angle and while not all barristers are born under your sign, many Geminis love to feel sure they know the law, even if they work in their other favourite fields, such as sales, education and journalism.

A competitive urge often takes Geminis into the sporting arena where they can demonstrate their endless will to win. Though not all Geminis are quite so glamorous, all can turn on the sex appeal with unnerving ease when they feel so inspired.

Hey there!

Cancerians are ruled by the Moon. They go through so many moods and phases that it's hard to pigeonhole them. What comes naturally to a Cancerian when the mood is right may prove elusive a short while later. That's why, when a Cancerian says 'I don't feel like doing this right now', they should always be listened to and waited for.

What Is My Spirit Animal by Birthday: Zodiac & Birth Animal Totems

If you were born under this sign, you'll know how sensitive you are to 'timing'. You are also sensitive to the needs of others. Just as the Moon reflects sunlight, you reflect attitudes and expectations. You're supposed to make such a good nurse, cook or carer. It's not that you can't do anything else, just that you've always got access to your kindness and your desire to support.

It's also why you should be wary of glitzy, superficial situations. Lindsay Lohan is a classic example of a Cancerian who got so good at pretending to be what everyone else wanted her to be, she forgot how to be herself.

What can a Leo do with their life? Anything they want to! If you're born under this sign, you've got a head full of application and dedication plus a heart full of loyalty and generosity. You like making people happy. That's why you get so cross when you encounter folk who revel in making people angry, grumpy or sad. There aren't, though, many jobs like this in the classifieds! But you'll take on any role as long as it allows you to express that side of yourself.

Indeed, your ability to play almost any part is almost magical.

Astrology for Kids

Which brings us neatly round to Harry Potter. He's a Leo, as is JK Rowling, who gave her character her own birthday. Like them, all Leos should know that nothing will ever hold them back while they're brave enough to face fears that others hardly dare to name. Virgos were placed on this earth to put right whatever everyone else has got wrong in such a subtle, sensitive way that nobody even notices. If you're a Virgo, you will know all about this compulsion to compensate.

It's what drives you, simultaneously, to success and to distraction. No wonder you're not bothered by all that nonsense about how your sign is supposed to be about tidiness, detail and order. You've been misunderstood your whole life long. Fortunately, naturally, you quite understand why others don't understand. It's just another item on that great long list of misunderstandings that you feel obliged to make allowance for. That sense of obligation affects you greatly, but as it also makes you truly brilliant in whatever field you gravitate towards, we must see it as yet another mixed blessing.

Michael Jackson had the Virgo genius, too. But he also had other influences on his chart and childhood, which you can consider yourself blessed to have missed out on. Art, music, beauty and quality control. These are the areas that Librans are supposed to excel in. And they do. But you've also got an impressive ability to ask questions that can't be answered in all areas. It makes you difficult to work with, at times, yet it also makes you a most rewarding kind of colleague.

You amble through life's options and alternatives, collecting ideas and strategies which turn out to be of immense value. And if, at times, you're assertive about the need to implement these, it's only ever because you're right.